2013  Anthony Davis Lear on the Second Floor  (World premiere)

UC San Diego Department of Music - Experimental Theate

March 6, 8 and 9 2013 - 7:00 PM

kallisti's fourth production is the world premiere of Anthony Davis' chamber opera Lear on the 2nd Floor.

Composed by Anthony Davis with a libretto by Allan Havis, Lear on the 2nd Floor is a contemporary take on Shakespeare’s King Lear. It tells the story of Nora Lear, a prominent neuroscience researcher beset with early onset Alzheimer’s; as she loses her bearings and her autonomy, she is increasingly at the mercy of her three quarreling daughters. Nora’s dead husband Mortimer is Shakespeare’s fool in this version and is her constant companion as she walks through a world where the past and present blend and reality bends. Davis’s arrangement and instrumentation reflect diverse influences ranging from classical opera to jazz to reggae.

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Opera News has called Anthony Davis a “National Treasure” for his pioneering work in opera. In his operas X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X, Tania, and Wakonda's Dream, Davis provides a political and social critique of America with music that embraces a spectrum of influences from Wagner and Berg to Ellington and Mingus to the Indonesian gamelan and South Indian ragas.

Over three decades, Allan Havis has had his plays produced at and commissioned by theatres across the country and in Europe. His fifteen full length published plays include Morocco and The Tutor, which received San Diego’s 2008 Patté Best Play award. Since 2006, Havis has been Provost of Thurgood Marshall College at the University of California, San Diego.

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